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Tickets for December 2019 Stravinsky Concert:

New recordings are being posted as they are completed. Check below for the latest tracks.

Sign Up For Spring 2020:  MUS 125, 128, 146, and 225 (225 is not transferable to 4-year schools). Sign up ASAP for all your music classes. The Spring concert features Mozart’s Requiem. (Make sure the Instructor is listed as:  John Reager)

Spring 2020 CLASS CODES: (Under Construction)

M/W 12-1:40 PM: 


FULL CHORUS: (under construction)

Mi Zeh Y’maleil: S, A, T, B, Tutti

Glory to the Newborn King: S, A, T, B, Tutti

El Cielo Canta Alegría: S, A, T, B, Tutti, Dicción

Antonsen The World Is Charged: S1, S2, A, T, B, Tutti, Score , What Does This Poem mean?

Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms: translation

Mvt. I: S, A, T, B, Tutti, Diction

Mvt. II: S, A (m.29), T (m.39), B (m.43), Tutti, Diction

Mvt. III: S, A, T, B, Tutti, Diction

Hassler Agnus Dei: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

SEMI_CHORUS: (under construction)

Hassler Missa secunda:

Kyrie: S, A, T, B, Tutti, Diction

Gloria: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

Credo: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

Sanctus: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

Benedictus: S, A, T, (no Bass), All(Diction same track as Sanctus)

Agnus Dei [Full Choir]

Upcoming Concerts:

Igor Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms and the world premier of The World Is Charged by Preben Antonsen. (December 2019, TBA). Tues., December 10, 7 PM, Odell Johnson Theater, Laney College, Oakland. General Admission $20, $10 Students/Seniors.

Mozart’s Requiem, May Concert TBA

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