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Tickets for May 2020 Mozart Requiem: TBA

Sign Up For Spring 2020:  MUS 125, 128, 146, and 225 (225 is not transferable to 4-year schools). Sign up ASAP for all your music classes. The Spring concert features Mozart’s Requiem. (Make sure the Instructor is listed as:  John Reager)

Spring 2020 CLASS CODES:

M/W 12-1:40 PM: 21633, 21635, 22006, 21637

TUESDAY 6-9PM: 21634, 21636, 22007, 21638

Mozart Requiem:


I. Requiem: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

II. Dies irae: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

[III. Tuba mirum: Solo Quartet Only]

IV. Rex tremendae: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

[V. Recordare: Solo Quartet Only]

VI. Confutatis: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

VII. Lacrymosa: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

VIII. Domine Jesu: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

IX. Hostias: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

X. Sanctus: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

XI. Benedictus (from measure 54): S, A, T, B, (Diction like the end of Sanctus)

XII. Agnus Dei: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

Upcoming Concerts:

Mozart’s Requiem, Tues., May 19, 7:00 PM, $20 General- $10 Student/Senior Laney Theater.

Handel Judas Maccabeus (highlights), December TBA

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