Practice Recordings

(April 29): Use the sing-along tracks below for the Spring video project: [Link for uploading your videos is in CANVAS. You can ask for it by email if you prefer.]

Great Day: S1, S2, A1A2, T, Bar, Bass, (score in CANVAS)

J. S. Bach Cantata 147 (Chorale; 1st setting only): S, A, T, BDiction

Video Preparation Tips

  • How to record yourself: You’ll need to record yourself with one device while listening to a guide track with another device. For example, you could listen to the guide track on a computer through headphones, and then record video of your own performance with your phone.
  • You’ll need earphones or headphones so you can listen to the guide track and sing along with it, without the audio from the guide track being heard in your own performance.
  • When recording, please get close to a window during the day and face it so your face is well-lit by the sunlight coming in through the window.
  • Try to minimize distractions (especially moving distractions like people, pets, etc.) in the visual background behind you.
  • Try to also minimize audio distractions in the background such as fans, refrigerators, dishwasher, etc.
  • Please record in landscape orientation (in other words, position your phone horizontally instead of vertically).
  • Try to mount the video camera on a tripod, or a music stand, or something to keep it stable so it’s not moving as it records. Please avoid hand-holding the video camera during the performance (too much movement).
  • Please arrange the video frame so your head and shoulders are in the frame, and try not to move too much during the performance (dancing or swaying) because it’s likely we’ll crop the video frame quite a bit during the video edit, and we need you to stay in the frame.
  • Please don’t use a virtual background behind you.
  • Please try to wear a solid color. Small patterns in clothing can create problems in video.
  • Start the recording first, then start the guide track. Please make sure you clap along with the claps in the guide track because we’ll use these claps to sync everything later.
  • After the piece ends, please wait for a few extra beats before turning off your camera. It’s fine to have extra time at the beginning and end of your recording.
  • Before sending in the video file of your performance, please rename it with your name and the name of the piece, like this: “JohnR_Great Day Bass1″.
  • When you’re done and you have a recording of your performance that you like, please upload your video file to this Dropbox folder (or Google Drive folder): [provide link for uploading].

Older Tracks:

Great Day: S, A, T, B, All (score in CANVAS)

By an’ ByS, A, T, B, All (score in CANVAS)

Steal AwayS, A, T, B, All (score in CANVAS)

Billings The Rose of SharonS, A, T, B, All, Score

Salmo 150S, A, T, B, All , Dicción (score in CANVAS)

Emma Lou Diemer Three Madrigals: (score in CANVAS)

I: O Mistress mine: S, A, T, B, All

II: Take, O Take those lips away: S, A, T, B, All

III:  Sigh no more ladies, sigh no more!: S, A, T, B, All

Dravidian DithyrambS, A, T, B, All (score in CANVAS)

Felix Mendelssohn There Shall a Star: S, A, T, B, All, Score

J. S. Bach Cantata 147 (Opening Fugue): S, A, T, BDictionAll, Score

J. S. Bach Cantata 147 (Chorale; p.28 and again on p.48): S, A, T, BDictionAll

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