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(August 7): This Fall, due to COVID, choir will meet once per week on Tuesdays at 6PM. New practice recordings are on the way. I am recording new music and will start posting soon (see below).

You can use ZOOM on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Helpful Zoom video:

Sign Up For Fall 2020:  MUS 125, 128, 146, and 225A (225A is not transferable to 4-year schools). Sign up ASAP for all your music classes. (Make sure the Instructor is listed as:  John Reager):

TUESDAY 6-9PM: 41870, 41872, 42110, 43862

Johnson- Lift every voice and Sing: S, A, T, B, All (score in CANVAS for students only)

Dett- Listen to the Lambs: S, A, T, B, All (score in CANVAS for students only)

DePaul- City Called Heaven: S, A, T, B, All (score in CANVAS for students only)

Lewandowski- Enosh Kechotsir: S, A, T, B, All, Diction, Score (

Handel- Judas Maccabaeus (highlights): Score (

No. 2- Mourn, Ye Afflicted Children: S, A, T, B, All

No. 4- For Sion Lamentation Make: S, A, T, B, All

No. 19- Tune Your Harps: S, A, T, B, All

No. 30- We Never Will Bow Down: S, A, T, B, All

No. 35- See, the Conqu’ring Hero Comes: S, A, T, B, All

No. 41- Hallelujah, Amen: S, A, T, B, All

From Spring 2020: Mozart Requiem


I. Requiem: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

II. Dies irae: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

[III. Tuba mirum: Solo Quartet Only]

IV. Rex tremendae: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

[V. Recordare: Solo Quartet Only]

VI. Confutatis: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

VII. Lacrymosa: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

VIII. Domine Jesu: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

IX. Hostias: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

X. Sanctus: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

XI. Benedictus (from measure 54): S, A, T, B, All (Diction like the end of Sanctus)

XII. Agnus Dei: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

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