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(October 6): Hello singers, I have set up a Google Drive folder for your video/recording uploads. You can access the link in our Canvas class shell or send me an email and I’ll forward it to you. Once I get enough recordings, I can start editing them together.

(September 12): Week 4 already? I am hoping to finish the last of the Handel recordings soon and will consider adding another piece or two. Meanwhile, I’d like you to start recording Lift Ev’ry Voice. The simplest solution would be to sing along while listing to either your part or the “All” recording. I can edit out small mistakes or you could submit multiple takes. If need be, I could record the whole project and add a metronome under it. This would take some time, so I’d like to see if we can get by with the one we have. This is a first for me, so I am excited to see how it will work.

***New Recording Tracks for Lift Every Voice: S, A, T, B, All

Dett- Listen to the Lambs: S, A, T, B, All (score in CANVAS for current students only)

DePaul- City Called Heaven: S, A, T1, T2, B, All (score in CANVAS for current students only)

Lewandowski- Enosh Kechotsir: S, A, T, B, All, Diction, Score (

Handel- Judas Maccabaeus (highlights): Score (from

No. 2- Mourn, Ye Afflicted Children: S, A, T, B, All

No. 4- For Sion Lamentation Make: S, A, T, B, All

No. 19- Tune Your Harps: S1, S2, A, T, B, All

No. 30- We Never Will Bow Down: S, A, T, B, All

No. 35- See, the Conqu’ring Hero Comes: S1, S2, A, T (m.56), B (m.56), All

No. 41- Hallelujah, Amen: S, A, T, B, All

From Spring 2020: Mozart Requiem

Legacy Tracks- Lift every voice and Sing: S, A, T, B, All (score in CANVAS for current students only)


I. Requiem: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

II. Dies irae: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

[III. Tuba mirum: Solo Quartet Only]

IV. Rex tremendae: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

[V. Recordare: Solo Quartet Only]

VI. Confutatis: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

VII. Lacrymosa: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

VIII. Domine Jesu: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

IX. Hostias: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

X. Sanctus: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

XI. Benedictus (from measure 54): S, A, T, B, All (Diction like the end of Sanctus)

XII. Agnus Dei: S, A, T, B, All, Diction

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